I'm a 25 year old full-time photographer & retouching artist based in both Bristol & London, a graduate from the University of West England WHICH i STUDIED ba (hons) Photography - I focus around fashion, beauty, creative, editorial photography and anything portraiture related!

My main focuses are portraiture and retouching - Creating various looks, scenes and overall images with a certain style. I love to work with models, MUAs, hairstylists and anyone willing to be in front of the camera to display their work - I work with Lightroom and Photoshop on a regular basis, depending on certain projects my retouching can be prominent and sometimes minimal. I'm experimental and construct certain styles within my self-portraits, forever learning new techniques - all of which play a huge part on my shoots!

I'm always up for collaborations and working with new creative individuals, anything from testing to commercial shots needed - get in touch if you're ever interested in working with/alongside me & I'll promise to make it as fabulous as visually possible!

my instagram is @lucyrosetindall & my email is lucyrosetindallphoto@gmail.com
get in touch, even if it's simply to say hi 💛

 📸 photos used: wild thing, shine shack & loonigans photoshoots // 2018

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2018-11-19 08.16.37 1.jpg