Update & Process

So I've graduated, that time in life where everything comes together and clarity is finally ahead. Perhaps I'm speaking too soon. Although my life choices ahead of me are vast and complicated, I've already taken a few steps to pursue my future and so far, I can't complain. I'm starting to build up my new website tailored towards weddings, engagements, events, and more; which is really exciting! It'll be good to separate my fashion/editorial work from my event work. I'm redesigning my business cards, due to my font-type apparently being too thin for printers! I honestly don't mind that aspect though, as it gives me a chance to open up on various designs instead of a singular image used repeatedly (although nothing wrong with that, particular tastes and all)

Another element of my life that I've re-started is sketchbooks, I have a few in the works at the moment and I love revisiting certain ones, depending on my mood I can either write down thoughts, paint & draw or simply plan future ideas and shoots in my mind. Expression through sketchbooks has always appealed to me. 

With retouching, I finally have my tablet and tablet pen reunited once again. It's been a complicated process of never finding the pen, therefor resulting in not really having much use of my tablet at all. I found the pen, yet, the horrible feeling sank in of not even knowing where I placed the tablet! Cut the story short, they are back together once again, how it should be.

I'm curious to try out a lot more ideas and progress further when it comes to editorial work with a fashion outlook, so if anybody wants to try some new things out, experiment etc. please let me know! Should be posting more soon :)