Bookings For 2018 📸

Hey everyone, I'm taking bookings for 2018 ♡ this includes anything from fashion/beauty portraits to weddings 📸 I've posted this on my story but I thought I should post here too! I've loved everybody & everything I've photographed this year and would love to continue creating art with ya'll 💕 old & new, get in touch and arrange some dates with me so I can plan ahead and also try to make our shoots even more epic with good prep time! ⏳ If you're curious to see my work, please give my website a visit or just have a scroll through my instagram feed! I really want to build a project based around Colours too so if you'd like to be a part of that, please let me know! 🌈 That project will hopefully turn into a zine/book and be involved with some kind of exhibition 💙 Love to everybody I've worked with this year and I look forward to creating some more magic with you beauties 💛