Workload isn’t an issue; It’s the amount of time I spend looking at these photographs in depth and staring at the bright screen in front of me for hours that can eventually take its toll for obvious reasons - strain on the eyes, which has been weird for me as my eyesight has always seemed to hold up, yet now it’s like a headache but not really my head pounding, just the need to shut my eyes to relax them.

This isn’t exactly something that’s concerning me because I know the cause and I also know the solution; simply relaxing my eyes more and taking breaks - looking out the window into reality and letting your eyes take in that natural light, literally a dream when you’ve been at the screen all day.

Ultimately, self-care is the route that’s needed to be taken! If you’re a fellow photographer and you tend to edit a lot like me, just take breaks. I’ve found that if you don’t, colours, tones, spot removal, healing brush etc - your use of them eventually slacks and isn’t as polished as when you initially started. Your eyes simply need a break and you’ll find the continuity of your work will show greater if ya do so!



I find it funny when there’s discussions about us being too intertwined with technology and how we should separate ourselves from that and take in reality more, completely agree and support it - although it’s very hard to do so when your job literally revolves around it and to avoid it would be detrimental to my workflow. Unless I dropped digital completely and went old school on a 35mm film camera instead, these expectations are unrealistic.

I’m starting to take a slightly different approach to photoshoots now that 2019 is emerging, I really feel the need to adapt and create new ideas with different approaches… SO I’ve dug up two of my old cameras and started shooting a little bit of film again, honestly the aesthetic of film is unlike any other.

It’s risky too, that’s why I haven’t depended on it solely in the past and probably never will - yet the risk of film, the unknown in-between taking the shot and finally having that image processed, is pretty awesome. I have the ability to know settings and how to work such a camera but I’m still not 100% sure how the outcome will be, it really is a surprise when I get the images back. I know with enough confidence, knowledge and practice people can pull off film brilliantly and make little to no errors further in their career/hobby, yet for me it’s whirlwind of ‘What the hell will it be like?’ and ‘Hopefully I didn’t mess it up completely!’


Okay so I’m finishing off this little ramble after editing for 9 hours straight, two separate shoots, both great, managed to complete one and finish off a certain part of the shoot for the other - overall today feels productive and I love being able to write up about this - tomorrow is basically the same, start completing shoots edit by edit :) The shoots this year have been amazing and kept me busy so thank you everyone

Love you all and thank you so much for an amazing 2018, creativity has not lacked this year!! Can’t wait for 2019 as it’ll be such a smoother ride in terms of living arrangements and basically having that one base that I can come back to, and that being Bristol.


Lucy x